Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 1: Bulletin Board Project

Well, life threw me a couple of curve balls last week and I'm just now getting around to posting the first week's project in my craft room makeover.  I took the before pic late at night and the lighting was horrible and its not even worth posting on here.  But you can just imagine an empty space on the wall above my craft table.  I bought the bulletin board at Hobby Lobby for $4.79 (using a 40% off coupon on the original price of $7.99).  I painted the wooden frame of the board using turqouise acrylic paint.
I originally covered the cork board with red polka dot scrapbook paper but I wasn't happy with the look of it.  I have used this method many times to cover bulletin boards but the polka dots weren't lining up properly and it was making the board look busy and messy.  So instead I bought 1/2 a yard of red polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby for $2.10.  I attached the fabric with thumbtacks that I hot glued some red buttons to. 

After the bulletin board was complete I added lots of momentos from different parties and celebrations I've had a part in.  I chose not to display any pictures on the board.  I only wanted a place to put the little odds and ends that I had left from events that I couldn't part with but didn't have any real use for.

While I was looking through some boxes of old party stuff I came across something I had printed with one of my favorite quotes on it.  It was the perfect finishing touch to tie by bulletin board together.  I printed the quote on some regular pinter paper and taped it to some pretty scrapbook paper and attached it to the wall with some more thumbtack buttons.

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