Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

My husband loves Duck Dynasty (as do I).  So for his birthday this year I decided to do a Duck Dynasty themed party.  I first decided on this theme a few months ago and found a little inspiration on Pinterest but not an overwhelming amount.  Then as the party go closer I saw more and more Pins and then Walmart suddenly started carrying a ton of Duck Dynasty stuff.  So the concept for the party ended up being pretty easy to put together.  This is my first semester in grad school and at the moment I am still working full time so actually putting the party together was a different story.  But all is well that ends well!
I had a tight budget for this party, just like every other party I've had.  Many of the decorations were things I already had (brown satin tablecloth from our wedding turned inside out so it wasn't shiny, wooden duck borrowed from my parents, vases and contents, stuffed frog, mason jars, etc.). For the table runner I used Duck Dynasty wrapping paper I found at Walmart.  I scattered feathers purchased from Hobby Lobby on the table.  The frames, squirrels, and duck ornaments hanging from the chandelier were all purchased from Hobby Lobby during 50% off sales.

For the table backdrop I purchased a $.97 tablecloth from Walmart and hung a banner I made from burlap and letters I printed using the Duck Dynasty camo.  

I repurposed the dead tree from our front yard by putting doves from Walmart ($2.00 each) and shot gun shell Christmas lights in it.  The Christmas lights were probably my most expensive purchase ($27.99 before using 40% off coupon) but after a two week debate with myself I decided they were worth it.  I received lots of compliments on them so I think they were a hit!  I may reuse them as part of a Dirty Santa Christmas present this year.

The menu consisted of all foods referenced in various Duck Dynasty episodes.  I created little cards to accompany each of the foods and drinks with quotes from the show.  A lot of the food inspiration (as well as the ham sammich recipe) came from Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls.

To add a little extra fun I created a photo booth using pics of the cast with some of their most famous quotes as the backdrop.  Each of the guests dressed up with some of the props for a photo op before they left.

I also set up a table with a Duck Dynasty trivia board game, some playing cards, trivia cards, and a printout of the cast bios (in case anyone was unfamiliar with the show).


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