Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Weekly Series: Budget Craft Room Makeover

When we bought our house 2 1/2 years ago we intended on using one of the spare bedrooms as a nursery.  In the meantime we've used the room as a workout/craft room, but we've never really done anything about decorating it. But now since it looks like a baby isn't in God's plan for us anytime soon and instead grad school is (for me) I decided its time to give the room a makeover.   In the fall I'll also be using this room as my study area so I can have a quiet space away from the hubby and furbabies.  So I wanted a room that was comfy and inviting for studying (since I'm sure I will be spending a LOT of time in there), fun and inspiring for crafting, and still had enough room for us to do our workouts (currently we are doing the BeachBody Combat workout and LOVE it!).   I didn't want us to have to paint our tan walls since the room has very tall vaulted ceilings so I decided to bring in color through accent pieces.  I love the combo of red, turquoise, and white so I decided to use those colors.  I have a master plan for how I want the room to look and the projects I'll need to complete in order to get it there.  There's just two small problems.  1.  Right now I am working at my full-time job and also working at a part-time job to help save up money for grad school so my "free time" is limited.  2.  Hubby and I are currently taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes at our church to get some advice on how to prepare for our impending drop in income while I'm in school.  As part of our new budget we've decided to only allow ourselves $75 each of "spending money" a month.  So obviously this makeover has to be done on a very tight budget.  I have a six week timeline planned out to get all of the projects for the room completed.  As a way to keep myself on track I've decided to make a new post each week sharing the progress I've made so far.  Tomorrow I'll be sharing the bulletin board project I'm almost finished with!

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