Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MIA Again

Well, I haven't posted on here since May.  Once again life has gotten incredibly busy and there just hasn't been time to blog.  :(  But there are all kinds of exciting things on the horizon that will definitely require a blog post (or 10)! 
First, we are looking for a new house!  After 10 months of living in an apartment I can't wait to finally have my own house again where I can paint and garden and do anything I want!  I approach house hunting just like I do everything else in my life.  I agonize over details and over analyze everything.  So to keep us organized in this house hunt I purchased a super cute binder, color coordinated notebook, and color coordinating pens.  :)  We started with 63 houses on our "prospect list".  We lost a few of these due to them selling before we even looked at them.  But we were able to trim about 40 from our list just by driving around and checking out the neighborhoods.  We're VERY picky about finding the right neighborhood and a lot just didn't pass our standards.  Finally last Sunday we were able to start looking inside some houses with our realtor.  And I think we may have already found "the one"!  We still have a few more houses to look at just to make sure we do our due diligence but we definitely have a front runner.  Once we make an offer (and it gets accepted) I'll post pics of the new "baby".  If we get the house that I'm talking about it will truly be a blank canvas that I can't wait to get my hands on!
Also, its time to start planning my niece London's birthday party again!  I can't believe she's already turning 3!  She is the only child/niece (or nephew)/grandchild of the family so this is a BIG event for our family and we pull out all of the stops!  This year we're planning a Pumpkin Party since her birthday is in October.  So if you come across any fabulous Pumpkin Party ideas please pass them along.  I've already got several notebook pages of ideas but I can always use a few more!  And if you want to check out all of the London related events you can see them here: