Saturday, January 3, 2009

SLAH is Going to Make Me Go Broke!

The Spring Southern Living At Home catalog came out a few weeks ago and it is a feast for the eyes! After a few seasons of nothing to get excited about, this spring I think they picked the items just for me. I want it all!!!! But here are some of the highlights:
Chesapeake Flatware-Love it! It would tie my dishes and my flatware together so nicely. Also loving the appetizer plate, more on that in a minute.
Covington Accent Tray: Love it! In the catalog they also have the tray and the appetizer plate from above paired together and they look fabulous. We'll talk more about these dishes in a minute too.

Emerson Stemware: Love it! As if I don't have enough stemware already! The shape of these is so beautiful. They look like a candlestick you can drink wine out of. I may need to sell some of my stemware on Ebay to make room for these, but I'll definitely be getting them.
Estate Bathroom Collection: Love it! I must have these simply because I have all of the other Estate pieces.

Orleans Vase Set: Love it! So beautiful and delicate, these little bud vases can also be used as place cards.

Terrace Appetizer Plates: Ah, here are those appetizer plates again. Love it! What more can I say?
And the pièce de résistance:

Villa Stoneware: LOVE IT!!!! These dishes are my soulmate. The dishes, flatware, and accent tray are the most perfect combination I have ever seen.
So obviously, I love it all! I will definitely be having a SLAH party or two in order to try to afford some of these beauties. If you want to salivate through the catalog you can look at it online at and click Browse Our Catalog. And BTW I am a SLAH consultant so if you want to have a party I'd be happy to do it for you. You can always place a catalog order through me as well.


designjunkie said...

off to browse the catalog...although I'm supposed to be saving money for baby furniture!

designjunkie said...

btw, if you haven't been to Paul Michaels in Lake Village, you definitely need to go. Their prices are amazing!!

Kristan said...

No, I haven't been there. I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the idea!

Rebecca said...

OH man....why did I have to look at this post??????? :) Now my yard sale money will be gone before I even have it this Spring. LOL! :)

Kristan said...

I know! Isn't it fantastic!?!?!

Katherine Jacobs said...

Hi Kristan,

You have no idea who I am and this is so random, but I was googling the SLAH plates that you have pictured here and trying to find if they are sold anywhere besides by the mag. I can across your blog and thought I would ask. Sorry to bother you! You can email me at if you have any info. Thanks!