Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love At First Sight

On a recent shopping trip to Bed Bath & Beyond with my sister we saw something that literally stopped us dead in our tracks. It was the most beautiful shower curtain ever! The picture just doesn't do it justice, but it gives you an idea. The blue is deeper and sort of shimmery. The pattern is a brown velvet.

Fortunately, the color would have clashed with the color of the walls in both of my bathrooms. I say "fortunately" because I just purchased two new shower curtains for my bathrooms in the last month and I would have HAD to buy this one had it not been for the obviously color clash. My sister has decided that it will work in her bathroom though. I did get the hand towel while we were there for my master bath.
The handtowel looked so wonderful in my bathroom that I've decided to go back and get a few of the accessories too. I hope that they'll look good with the wall color but I'm not positive. I love them so much though that I have to give them a try! I especially love the toothbrush holder. Just look at the shape and design of it! Its heavenly!!!

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designjunkie said...

my sister bought the shower curtain that you have in your bathroom! I love it!