Monday, November 3, 2008

Blank Canvas

Just wanted to share some exciting news. We finally sold our house, again, and hopefully everything will go through this time without a hitch. For those who don't know the situation, we've had 2 offers fall through on our house. One was due to financing on their part and the other was a contingency offer and the people were unable to sell their house. So this has been a long process which may be finally coming to an end. We are currently looking for a house to buy and live in while we build our new one. So pretty soon I will have a blank canvas to decorate! I'm very excited because I was out of places to put things in our house and have been itching to try out some new design schemes. We should have a new house decided on in the next day or two and I'll post pics as soon as we do. I've already started looking for new stuff and my head is filled with so many ideas it may explode! So get ready for tons of pics of ideas, possibilities, and the end results.

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designjunkie said...

can't wait to see the process!! Did everything go smoothly on the new house?