Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Little Halloween Fun...Just In Time!

Well, I have done a horrible job lately of keeping this blog up to date. I've had so many things I wanted to post but so little time to do it. So just in time for Halloween here are a few pics of my seasonal decorating creations. :)

Pull up a chair, if you dare:
Here are some pics of my breakfast nook table. I found some wonderful fabric at Hancock's that had black velvet pumpkins on a orange mesh background covered in silver glitter. It was kind of expensive so I only got a yard of it. I made the arrangement by spray painting some twigs with black paint and silver glitter. Then I used some black roses that I found at Wal-Mart and some of the silver sparkley Christmas picks. I added a few spider webs for extra creepiness.

Enter At Your Own Risk:
This is how I decorated my entry table and foyer this year. Its kind of a combination of fall and Halloween decorations.

More Mantel Pics:
I was so disappointed in the first pics that I took of my mantle that I decided to try it again. I think these turned out a little better.

Creepy Candles:
I, morbidly, love the way the bleeding candles that I've seen before in stores look. But they were a little pricey so I decided to make my own. I just lit a red candle and held in over the white ones and let the wax drip onto them. I think they turned out pretty cool!

A Haunting Weclome:
Okay, so its not really "haunting" but here are some pics of how I decorated the entrace to our house this year. Its a little different from last years but the concept is the same. I love it with all the candles lit. It just glows. We may break out the fog machine on Halloween night and if so that will make it look a little more "haunting".

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designjunkie said...

Cute, Kristan! Love the bleeding candles, lol!