Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Annual Blogging Challenge

Well, it's time for my annual attempt at blogging again!  I really think I can do it this time though.  I've worked on so many cute projects in the past year and it makes me sad that I don't have a space to share them all.  So hopefully this is the motivation I need to start consistently blogging.  

We've had a ridiculous amount of snow this year and today I am home for the 15th snow day!  If there was ever a year to start working in the public school system this has been it!  I've loved having some extra time at home even though I've spent most of it working on the mountain of work I have for my grad classes this semester.  So today I am sharing a pic of one of the projects I completed earlier last year in my office/craft room.  

This is the finished product of my office workspace including the desk my hubby bought and refinished for me.  It definitely makes studying easier when I have a cute space to do it in!  Throw in a cup of hot cocoa in my favorite mug and life isn't too bad.

Although on snow days when hubby is at work (and therefore not watching tv in the living room) I take advantage of doing my studying on the couch and snuggling with these little rascals.


I'm kind of going to miss these snow days but I'm also dying for Spring to get here!  

Hubby, his parents, and I went on a fun little shopping excursion last weekend to some super cute antique shops.  I'll post some pics of my treasures I found sometime this week.

And with that first blog post of 2014 is done!

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