Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black and Brown Bedroom & Pillow Project

The first room I'm almost completely done with is my bedroom. Finding a decorating scheme for this room was a challenge! I had chosen to have an accent wall painted chocolate brown in the bedroom before I moved in. While I LOVE the color I didn't fully think the choice through. I have black bedroom furniture. And while I love the combo of black and brown together it made choosing a new comforter difficult. I needed something that would pull the room together and give it some direction. The great comforter debate was further complicated by the imput of my boyfriend, who is wonderful, but definitely prefers function over form. I, however, don't believe anything can be truly functional if its not pretty to look at. So 5 million comforters later an agreement was reached on one that was incredibly soft but still attractive. While it wasn't even close to what I had in mind, its definitely grown on me and now I couldn't be happier with it (and I have to admit that it is extremely nice to sleep with a light, silky comforter over a scratchy, albeit, beautiful one). I've still got a few finishing touches to put on but here are some pics of the bed wall. I'll add pics of the opposite walls as soon as I get the final accent pieces.

The black and brown pillows on the bed were my art project for today. Since I'm on a super tight budget right now and have some extra time (both of which are a result of having almost 3 weeks off from working) I bought some pillows from Wal-Mart for $5 and a stencil and some paint from Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

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Rebecca said...

Looks great, Kristan! :)