Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Razorback Room

I wanted my spare bedroom to be a girly Razorback themed room. I've always wanted a Razorback room and this way I got to re-use a lot of the white and black accents from my master bedroom at my old house. Its still a work in progress but here are a few of the projects I've done so far.
I made the red and white polka pillow out of my remnant fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I also found the sequined "A" there. The black and white pillow is one from my old bedding. The black pillow is one that I use to have in my living room. I got the sparkely "HOGS" pin for my birthday and LOVE it! It was the perfect addition to the room!
I also made this lamp from the same remnant fabric I used on the pillows. I used a special lamp shade that was sticky so you just cut the fabric and stick it on there. Then I found a Razorback decal and trimmed it in sequins. I got a black and red boa from Hobby Lobby and used that to trim the bottom.

I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby. They were orignially white. I pained them red and black and glued big silver circle sequins on them and used sequin rope to hang them. I need to try to take a better picture of them!
This is a collection of candles and candlesticks that I had in my old bedroom, except for the addition of the two red sparkely ones. The Razorback santa is coming down now that Christmas is over.

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Rebecca said...

It all looks so pretty! :)